Roxio, know for its Easy Creator range, has launched an software suite called the Boom Box geared towards iPod users.

The Mac software suite comprised of five applications designed to reveal the iPod's full power and potential including one that will track podcasts for you automatically

The Boom Box features two applications that enable iPod owners to rediscover their music collections.

CD Spin Doctor offers a straightforward way to digitise vintage vinyl and tape recordings including powerful features for automatically detecting tracks, removing unwanted noise and enhancing overall sound quality. MusicMagic Mixer is a personal, portable DJ. Using sophisticated algorithms, MusicMagic Mixer analyses acoustic elements of each song in a user's collection to automatically generate compelling, complementary playlists.

The Boom Box also includes three further applications: Audio Hijack, iPodderX and iSpeak It.

Audio Hijack is an application that allows you to capture a source in real-time such as internet radio. iPodderX, a programme that makes it easy for users to subscribe to podcasts and have them automatically delivered to their desktop ready for transfer to their iPod and iSpeak It, which converts text-based documents such as e-mails or web pages into spoken word audio files.

The Boom Box will be available later this month and cost £39.99.