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(Pocket-lint) - With the passing of so many major shows in 2020 - there was no CP+ in Japan, for example - there's been a lack of exciting new camera releases. Especially from the big brands, such as Nikon. Rumour has it, however, that's about to change in the coming months. 

With the company's focus now on its mirrorless line-up, the Z series, 2020 will see an expansion of focus with the purported release of two new cameras: the Z5 and Z30.

The Z5 will sit beneath the Z6 (pictured), likely to hit a more appealing price point and bring slightly watered-down features to the full-frame model.

At the other end of the scale is the Z30, destined to sit beneath the Z50 - again bringing fewer features for a more accessible price point to the APS-C sensor line-up.

Perhaps the bigger rumour, however, is that in 2021 there's a plan for a new chart-topping model: the as-yet-unnamed 'Z9'. This has been a long time coming - as in the middle of 2019 we wrote about the five features we'd like to see in such a camera. Inevitably it looks as though it's been delayed.

It all seems very sensible to us if these rumours are true. The company needs to get that kit into the market to expand its range - especially with Canon already offering the M50 and R5 (likely comparable to the Z30 and Z5).

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 8 June 2020.