(Pocket-lint) - Nikon's Research & Development Manager Tetsuro Goto has confirmed the company is working on a full-frame mirrorless camera that will be a truly professional product compared to cameras from its rivals.

Without saying when we can expect to see the new camera, Goto said in an interview with Chinese publication Xitek, "Full frame is the trend, if Nikon will go mirrorless, it must be full frame".

Nikon's president has already said the company is working on a new mirrorless camera, so it's now pretty clear than when that does arrive, it will have a full-frame sensor.

A full-frame sensor offers many advantages over more compact sensors, as it has bigger pixels, meaning they can capture more light and deliver better picture quality.

Goto also implied in his interview that Nikon's new camera would be of greater quality than rival companies such as Sony, Olympus and Fujifilm, and added "So far there is no professional using their products". It seems Nikon is going after the true professionals out there, rather than just the budding enthusiast.

There will also likely be just the one camera, rather than several models, "If we were to introduce a mirrorless camera, we would not be like them [Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm], such as pushing out a lot of models. We will lock in customer’s main requirement to introduce a new product."

While Tetsuro Goto may not have confirmed when we can expect to see Nikon's new camera, the confirmation a camera is in the works means it shouldn't be too long until we receive new details.

Writing by Max Langridge.