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(Pocket-lint) - Nikon has taken the bold step in announcing that a follow-up to the D810 is in the works, but with few details at present.

It has confirmed that the Nikon D850 is "in development" and that it is the "next frontier in full-frame, high-resolution, high-speed SLR cameras". An official logo has also been released.

NikonNikon D810 image 2

However, it hasn't gone much further than that yet.

The announcement is clearly in direct response to a slew of rumours about the new flagship camera appearing online over the last few weeks.

For example, at the end of June, dedicated website Nikon Rumors claimed that a "Nikon D810 replacement" would be announced in July (which is technically correct), with a September release planned.

There have also been Nikon D850 specifications leaks over the last few weeks. They state that it will come with a 45 or 46-megapixel sensor, improved high and low ISO levels in comparison to the D810, and a new and improved version of SnapBridge.

The leaks also reveal that there will be no built-in GPS, as previously suggested, but it will come with a tiltable LCD scren, two memory card slots (SD and XQD) and the same Autofocus system as the D5.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.