Nikon has announced intentions to take on the actioncam market with the KeyMission 360, introduced at CES 2016. 

This isn't the first 360 camera we've seen, but with a name like Nikon behind it, it's sure to garner some interest and this model is a little different, placing a sensor on both sides of the camera.

Nikon is promising to apply its imaging excellence to this new device, with two imaging sensors on opposite side of the device capturing the action all around you in glorious 4K. 

That makes it perfect for capturing content for the latest wave of VR devices, with virtual reality being a sizeable theme of CES 2016 too.

The dinky device is rugged, with waterproofing up to 30m, so it's an ideal companion for capturing your full action watersports, with Nikon describing the camera as "wearable".

There's also electronic vibration reduction, although Nikon states that this needs to be enabled during playback. 

At the moment the KeyMission 360 is a reference device, with a full release expected in spring 2016, along with a full line-up of accessories. 

There's no word on pricing just yet, but watch this space.