Ever wondered how good your dog would be at photography? No? Us neither, to be honest. But Nikon has come up with a way of finding out, which piques our interest a little more.

Through its Heartography technology concept, Nikon has devised a dog camera mount - for the Nikon Coolpix L31 - that senses when a pooch's heart rate increases and takes a picture whenever it peaks.

That means it will technically take an image every time the dog is most excited, hopefully of something interesting.

An owner can also get an idea of when the camera will fire as the mount comes with a small OLED panel that shows the dog's heart rate. The baseline rate can also be adjusted so you don't just get a stack of pics of food or another dog's backside.

Nikon has provided some of the shots taken by Grizzler, a collie it calls the "world's first canine photographer", and some of the results, we have to admit, are quite impressive. However, whether Nikon Asia wants to make the Heartography kit into a real-life consumer product is unclear.

Until then, you can always just strap a GoPro to your pet and take grabs from the resulting footage, if that's what floats your boat.