Nikon has recently been linked with a new full-frame compact system camera that will compete with the Sony Alpha A7. Rumours from Nikon specialist sites suggest that the "hybrid" camera will come in a body not too dissimilar to the original FM2 35mm snapper and a host of speculated specifications were revealed.

These included a 16.2-megapixel full-frame sensor, as found in the Nikon D4, a 3.2-inch rear screen and pentaprism viewfinder. But there has been no word from Nikon itself as to whether these rumours carry any substance. Until now, that is.

Nikon has released a teaser video for a new camera as part of a series of short films, all to raise hype for whatever camera the photographer in the clips is using. Called Pure Photography, the videos are based in Scotland and the first gives a very quick glimpse of part of the new camera. (Update: Five new videos have made their way around the net. We've put the most noteworthy screenshots in the gallery showing first glimpses of the camera.)

Nikon Rumors adds to the hype with claims the camera will be called the Nikon DF, with the DF standing for "Digital Fusion". 

"A photographer stands alone in a bleak landscape. Something has been missing in his creative life. Will he find it here?" says Nikon.

"Nikon presents a series of short movies depicting a photographer roaming through Scotland with a camera as his only companion. Discover how he reunites with his creative side on his journey of self-discovery."

There's no time frame for the videos, but they are certainly worth keeping an eye on. Something rather special could be emerging.