The Nikon Coolpix L620 takes the 14x optical zoom and form factor of the previous L610 model and ups the megapixel count with a new 18-megapixel back-side illuminated sensor.

That lens delivers through from a wide-angle 25mm equivalent to a far-away-capturing 350mm equivalent - ideal for group shots or snapping those more distant subjects as if they were closer to the camera.There's also lens-shift vibration reduction - optical image stabilisation to give it the more generic term - to counter handshake and help keep shots sharp.

Add 1080p movie clip capture, easy panorama model and a target finding autofocus - which auto-detects subjects for focus without your needing to worry about anything except pressing the shutter button - and there are modes to see all bases covered.

Priced at £200, the Nikon L620 isn't a top-spec model in the range as it's AA-battery only  power suggests - no lithium-ion rechargeable here. But in the balance of point-and-shoot simplicity the camera's wide-ranging zoom ensures there's plenty on offer for the price.

Available in black or red, the Coolpix L620 is due to go on sale this September.