Superzoom fans now have a new, "wireless ready" model to look forward to - the Nikon Coolpix P520. The update to last year's Coolpix P510 model is awash with subtle spec differences, but its the camera's compatibility with the WU-1a wireless mobile adaptor (sold separately) that's among its leading specs.

The P520 includes the same 42x optical zoom lens which offers a rather bonkers 24-1000mm equivalent zoom. It's the same as that in its predecessor, which we were rather fond of when we reviewed in last year, but adds a new active mode to its image stabilisation mode - or "vibration reduction" mode as Nikon likes to call it - for greater effectiveness when shooting movie clips. It's possible to capture at 1080p30 or 1080i60.

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On the rear there's a 3.2-inch, 920k-dot LCD screen, larger than its predecessor by that all-important 0.2-inch size, which is side-mounted on a tilt-angle bracket for creative framing opportunities.

The P520's sensor also sees a megapixel rise compared to its predecessor, from 16-megapixels in the P510 to a yet higher 18-megapixels in the P520. We're not totally sold on the ongoing megapixel increase considering the small sensor size, but the proof, so they say, is in the pudding so we'll just have to wait until we get our mitts on the P520 in the near future.

The P520 includes built-in GPS (global positioning satellite) for geo-tagging pictures, but we're surprised that Wi-Fi hasn't come as standard. The option to use the WU-1a adaptor makes such connectivity optional, but will cost an extra £55 for the pleasure. Then again, perhaps that's the most sensible modular approach to a feature that not all users will want to pay for up front.

The P520 will be available in dark silver, red or black (as shown below), priced at £399.99 and available from the end of February 2013.

nikon extends superzoom range nikon coolpix p520 and l820 models added image 2

In addition there's a second superzoom that's also been added to the Nikon fray - the Coolpix L820. The update to last year's L810 model, the latest L820, is a total upgrade, complete with new 30x optical zoom lens which offers a super-wide 22.5mm wide-angle setting that can extend through to a significant 675mm equivalent at the top end.

Elsewhere the superzoom packs in a 16-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor, 3-inch LCD, lens-based image stabilisation, and variety of shooting modes including 1080p movie capture. However there's no built-in Wi-Fi or wireless compatibility to be found in the L820 - that's reserved for the more, well, reserved P-series.

The L820 will be available in black, blue and red finish options, but there's no final word on price or distribution as yet.