(Pocket-lint) - Nikon’s new D800 can shoot broadcast-quality 1080p video, at least that's what they tell us. It damn well needs to, as Canon has had quite a monopoly over video fans with its 5D MK II. On paper the D800 delivers in just about every respect. It trumps its predecessor in every way possible.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and we aren’t believers until we see plenty of D800 footage for ourselves. While it might be scarce, there is quite a bit of video already making its way on to the internet shot with the new camera. Curious about how the D800’s movie footage looks? Take a peek below to see what she is capable of.

D800 promo - Joy Ride

The first proper D800 video to emerge has been put together by someone called "Sandro". Despite having a name like one of Alan Partridge’s children, it is damn impressive what can be produced from just a DSLR. Sure he might have had a massive crew at his disposal but ultimately this is what you can get out of a D800 should you try.

For a promo video this is seriously edgy stuff. It features some rather dishevelled looking ladies of the night, a child being born and even a cool motorbike guy. Oh and it was all shot at night, should you be wondering what high ISO footage looks like from the D800.

There is also a behind-the-scenes clip which shows how the Joy Ride video was shot and edited.-

Joy Ride - Behind the Scenes from Sandro on Vimeo.

Nikon D800 D movie - Through the lens

Appearing on Nikon Asia’s YouTube channel, this video is shot using a D800 under Multi-area AF mode. It is taken in daylight and has had a lot less tweaking done to it than the above promo video.

First thing we notice is how well the D800 copes with motion and wobble that you usually get from DSLRs. It is also incredibly sharp, colours well balanced and more than up to Nikon’s claims of broadcast quality video.

As boring as the content is, this is the video that has got us wanting to play with the D800 more than anything else.

At the moment this is all we have, unfortunately. Believe us though, the internet will be flooding with delights shot using the D800 any moment now. The second we see anything we will add it to this article.

Get involved yourselves as well, post any D800 footage you have come across in the comments below …

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.