If you've only just managed to calm yourself down after taking in the Nikon D800 rumours last month then prepare to get all hot and bothered again as the well-trodden internet rumour mill has thrown up yet another Nikon flavoured gem by way of the Nikon D4.

If the murmurs ring true then we could be looking at a real Canon EOS 1DX rival, all set for an unveiling at PMA@CES 2012 in January.

The D4 is said to have compatibility with the new CompactFlash XQD memory card standard as well as a 100-102,400 native ISO range, expandable to 50 and 204,800.

It purportedly features a 16.2-megapixel sensor with 11fps capture on board. There is apparently compatibility with the new Nikon WT-5 wireless transmitter, integrated Ethernet within the camera, face detection and recognition function via the the viewfinder, and the ability to assign the two buttons on the front of the camera to smooth aperture control during video shooting.

Improved video is all we have to go on in terms of movie recording, although Nikon Rumours guesses that means 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24 - like the rumoured Nikon D800 specs.

Nothing official yet, of course, but all eyes are definitely on Vegas for January. And yes, the image is a mock-up.