(Pocket-lint) - To coincide with the launch of Nikon's first foray into the mirrorless camera market is the release of a bunch of new accessories to slap on its V1 and J1 snappers.

Among them is the mount adapter FT-1, which allows you to fit AF-S and AF-I lenses onto the new Nikon 1 cameras. This is a seriously big deal, as it means those who have already bought into Nikon's DSLR system have the option to bring their lenses across to the new smaller mirrorless setup. It also should allow for some interesting shooting options, like mounting a 300mm lens onto a tiny sensor for super zoom factor. 

Nikon has also opted to release a range of branded 1 system accessories, including camera bags, lens cases and hoods, straps and even camera grips. 

No camera system worth its weight is complete without an external flash. As such Nikon has gone and put together the SB-N5 Speedlight to stick on top of your new V1 or J1 cameras. 

The flash is compatible with the Nikon 1 V1 and includes an LED capture illuminator for help in low light when using the cameras' Motion Snapshot of Smart Photo Selector. 

For those who regularly forget where they took a photo, there is the GP-N100 GPS unit which is again V1 compatible. Using the cameras multi-accessory port, it will add geotags to image EXIF data as well as things like latitude, longitude and altitude. 

Video fans aren't forgotten either; the Nikon ME-1 external microphone can be used with the V1 camera for improved audio quality. 

Price-wise, expect to pay £129.99 for the speedlight and £109.99 for the GPS unit which both launch on the 20 October. The all powerful lens adapter is set to arrive on 1 December priced in at £229.

Excited about the new Nikon 1 stuff? 

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.