The original projector camera from Nikon left us scratching our heads a little, but it was a decent enough camera in its own right, which sort of made everything okay.

The Coolpix S1100pj evolves this idea a little further, so Nikon obviously thinks there is something here worth pursuing.

One of the big changes in this new model is the removal of the buttons and the addition of a 3-inch touchscreen around the back.

The overhaul is quite radical, with a complete new redesign, with a neat dial on the top to focus the projector. It has a throw distance of up to 2.4m giving you an image up to 47-inches on the diagonal. It is a 14 Lumen projector.

The touchscreen means you can swipe through images to view them (or project them), but also means you can draw on them whilst you project, so you could draw an arrow mid-presentation. We didn't see this working, so we are taking Nikon's word for it at the moment.

We did get to play with the camera for a while, however, and at first glance, it seems a little tricky to get to grips with. The interface is touch obviously and seemed a bit basic in the camera end, so we get the feeling it has moved more towards portable projector and further away from compact camera than the last iteration 

You can also now connect it directly to your PC and use it as a projector which sort of compounds our feelings.

Yours for £349.99, you do pay a little extra for the novelty of having a projector.