Nikon updated assembled journalists on the progress its made in strengthening the Coolpix brand, through its extensive "I AM" campaign. Many of you will probably have seen its sponsorship of Hollyoaks, as the company tries to capture a younger audience.

Fitting that profile is the new Nikon Coolpix S5100, which joins its line-up of "style" cameras.

Leaked and subsequently announced, Pocket-lint were on hand as Nikon showed off the camera and we grabbed some shots for your viewing pleasure.

The new Coolpix model comes with a 12-megapixel sensor and a 5x zoom lens, offering an impressive F/2.7 at the widest angle, which should help the low light performance.

Also boosting the low light performance is vibration reduction (VR, or image stabilisation as others call it) and an ISO range that will let you shoot at up to ISO 3200 for those really gloomy shots you just need to capture. The camera will also detect when it is attached to a tripod or being handheld and pick the appropriate settings for you.

Add to this the HD (720p) video capture and compact dimensions (97.1 x 56.9 x 21.6mm) and you have an attractive package for your pocket.

Unfortunately the price is still to be determined.