Nikon's big event rumoured to be held at the end of August ahead of Photokina in September will see the launch of the Nikon D3100, a new DSLR model that looks to sit in the mid range of Nikon's digital SLR offerings.

How do we know this? Well the kind chaps at Foto Digital magazine in Germany have a nice big spread about the cameras ahead of the official launch in a their magazine that is making its way to subscribers ahead of actually landing on the newsagent's shop floor later this month.

The core specs of the new Nikon D3100 include a 14 megapixel sensor, Live View,  a 3-inch display, and a whopping ISO range from 100 to 12,800, all that with a European price point of 650 euro (£531).

Full specs from the article include:

- 14 MP CMOS Sensor (23.2 x 15.5mm)

- Live View

- 3 inch Display

- 100–12800 ISO

- ISO setting manual or automatic

- 11 AF points

- full HD Video (1920 x 1080)

- price 650 €

- new EXPEED2 processor

- improved objects recognition for the AF control

- improved in-camera menu

- user can save picture profiles

If the magazine's details are correct, and there is no reason to doubt that they aren't, Nikon will also announced four new lenses to go with the new model.

The magazine is also reporting on two compact models, the S1100pj and the Nikon Coolpix S5100. 

The S1100pj will feature a built-in projector, a touchscreen display and several over improvements over the first projector outing (the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj) from Nikon last year. It is expected to cost around 350 euros. 

The S5100 will be a 12-megapixel compact and come with a 28-140mm lens. It will cost 170 euros according to the magazine. 

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