(Pocket-lint) - Canon, Olympus, and Nikon have announced a new partnership (CON) to create an app store for digital cameras, that will allow you to download a range of applications for your digital camera, while at the same time inviting Samsung and Panasonic to join them.

The new app store is to be called App-e-ture and allows users to force their camera into taking images like a pro and is sure to help gain ground on phone cameras that many believe are damaging compact camera sales.

Apps will range from simple presets, similar to that found in Adobe Lightroom, to more detailed offerings that will even direct how you frame the picture.

Although many cameras are equipped with similar, if not the same offerings available from the service, the new App-e-ture store should mean that users with cameras lacking certain specifications will be able to "upgrade", enabling a better user experience at a fraction of the cost.

The Philip Bloom app will help you time lapse everything for example, while the Mario Testino Royal app will help you frame your shot as if your Nan is a royal subject; complete with black and white settings and making sure she is smiling in the right way. 

The three companies are hoping that the new service, which will be available on most cameras over the next couple of months via a firmware update, will bring a new lease of life to photography and photographers who are hoping to do something different without years of experience.

Other apps include Tilt-shift apps and the ability to warn you when you've left a bag or something unsightly in a landscape shot.

"It's amazing", photographer Iver Beanfooled told us. "Even though I'm a pro, I can get my camera to shoot like other pros".

Details on how much the apps will cost haven't been released, although sources we spoke to who had been briefed on the matter suggested around 59p for basic apps and up to £4.99 for more intricate offerings.

Thankfully the three companies have banned games altogether citing that the apps are for those looking to take better pictures, not just for those looking to have fun when on holiday.

UPDATE: You've probably guessed by now - but this is our April Fools for 2010. Sorry if we got you. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.