Nikon has announced two software updates for View NX and Nikon Transfer.

The View NX update, version 1.3.0, will introduce no less than 26 changes and improvements, including the ability to use 3D Google Maps with the GeoTag function, a new "Restore Original" function added to the edit menu, and the ability to adjust brightness from the Quick Adjustment palette.

The Nikon Transfer version 1.4.0 on the other hand will see five improvements. These include the addition of "Original name+New name" and "New name+Original name" options to the prefix and suffix portions in the File Naming Dialog, and the displaying of a percentage of the total amount of storage used up in the users Picturetown account when in the Picturetown panel.

You can view full details of all the updates and improvements on the Nikon website, where you will also find the files to download and instructions on how to install them.