Lomo has announced the Lubitel+ medium format Twin Lens Reflex camera, the latest in the rather ageing product line that hasn't seen a new camera added to it in twenty years.

The plastic-bodied camera has been designed to be compatible with 35mm film for the first time, as well as with the medium-format 120 film.

Apparently built as a "loving re-creation" of the classic original, the Lomo Lubitel 166+ will cost £259.65.

The camera features four image formats to choose from. They are 6 x 6cm (12 frames on a 120 roll); 6 x 4.5cm (16 images); Endless panorama (16 square images on a 120 roll); and the option for users shooting with 35mm film to shoot their images as "panoramic portraits where the image exposes the entire film – including sprocket holes".

As well as the 35mm compatibility a number of other improvements have also been made. The focus screen has been upgraded to flat ground glass, and the lens tweaked to focus closer (can now go down to 80cm).

The camera back and viewfinder are also interchangeable so that you can put a viewfinder style to suit, or a different focusing glass should you wish. Apparently more of these backs are "in the pipeline", so look out for more of them soon.

For more information head over to the Lomo website.