Lomography has launched a new limited edition range of some of its most popular cameras decked out in chrome - fittingly named "Chromiacs".

The cameras included in the range are the Lomo Colorsplash, Diana F+, Fisheye 2 and Supersampler.

All four cameras feature the same specs as their originals, so you can expect 170-degree field of view from Fisheye 2, coloured flashes from the Colorsplash, "dreamy" vignetting from the Diana F+ and four-shot photos from the multi-lensed Supersampler.

The cameras are available now from Lomography's website and cost 60 euros (£56) for the SuperSampler, 70 euros (£65) for the Colorsplash, 80 euros (£75) for the Fisheye 2 and 90 euros (£85) for the Diana F+.

Alternatively you can buy all four in a Deluxe bundle for 260 euros. (around £243). Head over to the Lomo website for more details and full specs.