On the heels of Pentax's new retro-looking lineup, Lomography has introduced its own colourful SLR camera for $35 (£22). Assembly required.

The Konstruktor Kit, which is the world's first 35mm DIY camera, enables analog photography lovers to build their own film camera perfectly capable of snapping vintage-esque photos - if assembled correctly. The kit comes with all the necessary camera parts, film and instructions, as well as a screwdriver and sticker set for personalisation.

The camera provides a top-down viewfinder and bulb settings for long exposures. It also sports a 1/80s shutter speed with multiple exposures, 0.5m Infinity focus distance and detachable 50mm f/10 lens. Users can change lenses thanks to the camera's interchangeable system.

And that's just the starter kit. Lomography also sells an Experiment Pack, DIY Daredevil Pack, Creative Pack, the Ultimate DIY Pack and the Analogue Learner Bundle. Each kit features an additional set of accessories.

"The Konstruktor is a perfect way to learn and understand analogue photography to its core," explained Lomography on its website. "From assembling the camera to shooting with it, this DIY kit is a perfect tool to enrich your analogue experience."

Lomography's new camera obviously isn't a modern DSLR with HD recording, but it does combine the antique experiences of model-building and film photography. You will even get some nice, filtered-like photographs in the end, sans-Instagram. 

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