Small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, the Diana Baby 110 camera is the latest addition to Lomography’s growing collection of specialist cameras.

The Diana Baby 110 is the third member of the Diana family, following in the footsteps of the Diana F+ and the Diana Mini. Shooting on a 110 film, the snaps are square and retro in style, with a straightforward point and shoot approach.

However, Lomography has included a few optional features for the Diana Baby 110 to get creative before you’ve even got to the developing stage.

lomography introduces the diana baby 110 camera its smallest family member yet image 2

The Diana Baby 110 is available with two interchangeable lenses. Though the camera comes with a 24mm standard lens, customers can also purchase the Diana Baby 110 with an additional 12mm wide-angle lens. There’s also a socket for a PC-flash for nighttime and low-light shots, though a flash would need to be purchased separately.

The Diana Baby 110 is available for £39, or for £49 with the extra 12mm wide-angle lens, both of which can be purchased from the Lomography online store.