Quirky photography brand, Lomography, has announced a special update to 3 of its most popular plastic cameras in a Special GOLD Edition. Cameras included are The Fisheye, Diana F+ and the Diana Mini, all coming with gold chain and "dazzling finish".

Each camera is unchanged specs-wise from their original editions, so possibly these will only appeal if you haven't taken the plunge into the world of Lomography already and you really, really like gold.

If you're not familiar with the range the two Diana models are famed for taking uniquely artistic shots, especially when combined with a variety of developing chemicals which give Lomography photos its unique style.

The fish eye should bring a certain broad, hemispherical slant to your photos as well as all the bling you could possibly want.

The Diana Mini will cost £99, the Diana F+ Gold will cost £89, and the Fisheye will set you back £79.