Analogue camera brand Lomography is now offering the LomoLab  remote processing service to all UK customers. The new service, which was exclusively revealed to Pocket-lint back in February 2011, is now live, having been in beta-testing mode since March.

Until now, Lomo users have had to go into one of the Lomography Gallery stores in order to get their films developed, or alternatively take them to a high-street shops, not all of which are set up for coping with Lomo elements such as cross processing and sprocket film developing.

The LomoLab mail order service means that you can simply visit the website, order the services you require and send in your films in the envelope provided (you'll get a new one each time you get your prints back). As soon as your films have been processed, you'll be sent a link so that you can view and download them straight away with your prints and negatives following on in the post.

The LomoLab itself is housed in the basement of the Lomography Gallery Store East London, where the team of operators includes photography graduates with years of professional photo-processing experience and is led by the 'LomoLabRat' (aka Mr Jack Quick). The LomoLab can cope with most types of processing including 35 and 120mm film, standard colour, black and white, cross processing, panoramic shots and sprocket hole photography.

The service has been set up in response to the dimishining number of photography labs that are able to cope with all sorts of film. Lomography UK's online manager, Heidi Mace, told Pocket-lint: "Labs closed down left right and centre as digital photography became all the rage. However the Lomographic community is evidence that people still love shooting film. We sell more cameras and more film every single month, the analogue photography community is growing and growing, and those people need somewhere to get their precious films developed that will treat them with the individual love and care they deserve.

"The LomoLab experts don’t just chuck your films in a machine and forget about them, they lovingly put their years of experience to use, to make sure you get the best quality service to reward the effort you've gone to, to shoot a great roll of film.

"The LomoLab has been running in London for a while, and we are regularly asked by people all over the country where they can process their films, so we are really excited to be able to offer our services to every roll of film in the UK, whether you live in Betty Hill, Penzance, or anywhere in between."