(Pocket-lint) - Lomography has extended its Diana Mini range of retro film cameras with three new colours: The Diana Mini Petite Noir (black), Diana Mini En Rose (pink), and Diana Mini White (er, white).

Each have exactly the same skill set as the former light blue version, and are capable of taking half-frame or square format photos from standard 35mm film.

Weighing a mere 235g (not including the flash), Diana Mini cameras, so called as they're a smaller, 35mm equivalent of the company's Diana model, take uniquely artistic shots, especially when cross processed (in different chemicals of which the film is designed for). Lomography stores offer this service.

Both the Petite Noir and En Rose come with the company's flash as standard, while the White has an attachment if you want to add one at a later date.

UK prices are yet to be announced, but the White retails at 60 euros in Europe, the En Rose and Petite Noir at 100 Euro.

Lomography now also sells an addition to its branded film range, Color Xpro Chrome, for 16.90 euros. It's an ISO 100 film, comes with three pieces in each package (of 36 exposures each) and can be processed C-41 or E6.

Writing by Rik Henderson.