Cult photography company, Lomography, has just added an all new panoramic camera to its novelty photographic portfolio.

Called the Spinner 360 it will allow users to take 360 degree panoramic shots by way of a pull of the trigger cord - think pull string on a talking action man.

This fully mechanical camera takes 35mm film, and after pulling the trigger cord, the rubber band drive springs into action, turning the camera on the grip for infinite panoramic shots.

If this seems to you like a pretty niche product you'd be right, but it gets even more so when you consider that the Spinner 360 exposes the whole of the film, meaning the sprocket holes will be displayed in your photo.

It's nice to see that the company is sticking firmly to its experimental roots and this release should certainly appeal to those with a creative bent, although for those lacking there's a shooting technique card added in the box.

Pricing will be around the £115 mark, so pretty affordable, and it's available now.