We're presuming that you mouse can't already scan document. Howevr, if this is a feature  you've always longed for then you’ll want the new LG Scanner Mouse.

Yep, that’s right, it’s a standard looking desktop mouse with a bit of optical scanner inside that allows you to scan and save documents, photos, or a nearby cat.

The Scanner Mouse works by using an underside with 5 LEDs which reflect the image the user is scanning into the mouse.

Within the accompanying software, users can then paste, share, save, print and edit the document or image (with contrast, brightness, rotation and resizing options).

Scanned text can be edited in MS Office and formats such as JPEG, PDF and PNG are all supported with a scan size of up to A3.

Scanned documents can then be immediately shared with the user’s favourite social media groups such as Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, as well as via email thanks to the bundled software.

"Continual innovation and focus on research and development is at the heart of everything we do, which is why LG Electronics is by the far and away the industry leader in technology innovation," said Warren Lewis, LG commercial director, presumably trying not to laugh.

The LG Scanner Mouse is now available from a number of retailers including Amazon, eBuyer.com, Dabs and Scan.co.uk from £89.99.

the lg scanner mouse lets you scan from your desk image 2

If the idea of a scanner mouse sounds a bit too crazy, maybe the Canon Calculator mouse might be more up your street.

The X Mark I Mouse Slim features the same premium design as its predecessor the X Mark I Mouse, but with a reduced body size.

A high-resolution, ten-digit display panel ensures that data is clearly displayed at all times, and provides at-a-glance updates on operational status, while the durable PC-style keys provide a familiar experience to standard keyboard typing, making it easy to work through complex equations. The X Mark I Mouse Slim can also be user-locked to avoid accidental pressing during "mouse" use.