It's launched two new compacts today - but - for the more discerning photographer - with considerably more to spend - is the new update of the M8 digital rangefinder camera.

The M8.2 has the same body as its predecessor but includes added tech headed up by a low vibration, extra quiet focal plane shutter "with the option to re-cock the shutter at a more convenient moment", as explains DP Review.

For its £3390 price tag (or a £400 trade up if you already own an M8 until 30 September), you also get a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal cover glass for the camera monitor.

Leica has added a new snapshot mode and the camera now has a vulcanite finish as well as coming in black and silver.

And it comes with a faster and more compact charger.

The M8.2 will be available from the end of this month.