Leica has just launched the new C-LUX 1, its rebadged version of the 6-megapixel Panasonic DMC-FX01.

The new 6-megapixel camera promises ultra short shutter delay, precise autofocus measurement, and a generous selection of scene modes all from a camera that measures 5 x 10 centimetres in size.

Available in black or silver metal (the silver finish isn't available in all countries) the camera will come with a 2.5-inch LCD screen on the rear of the camera as well as featuring a Leica wide-to-telephoto zoom lens equivalent to a 28-102mm in the 35mm format.

As with other cameras from other manufacutures Leica is also keen to emphasise that its model will be good at defeating shutter blur. To do this it will offer a built-in optical image stabilizer and the high-sensitivity setting of up to ISO 1600.

Leica has yet to set a price for the new model.