Leica knows how to make a sweet looking camera, with the normal D-Lux 5 being pretty enough. Some however want that extra special edition factor and for those select few, there can be no other than the titanium version of the camera. 

So what do you get with your shiny special edition? First up is a anodised silver-grey finish D-Lux 5 in special box. Also included is a dark grey leather case and shoulder strap, which is more modern looking than the usual Leica vintage, but is just as swish.

The D-Lux 5 itself is Leica's flagship compact camera and comes with all the usual photographic trimmings you would expect from Leica. That means a high quality 5.1 - 19.2mm f/2 - 3.3 ASPH lens, with 10.1 megapixel CCD sensor sat behind. You also get 720p recording capability and a decent enough menu and shooting system.

For those interested check out our hands-on with the conventional D-Lux 5 here. 

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