How do you make a £5,000 compact camera even more expensive? Well, if you're Leica, you make a limited edition version out of some really rare metal. Hey presto, meet the £20,000 Leica M9 Titanium - the result of a collaboration with Walter de’Silva, the prominent automobile designer. 

It still has that full frame, 18-megapixel sensor but, other than that though, the extra money goes towards a slight rethink here and there, a LEICA SUMMILUX-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens and the satisfaction that there's only another 499 of them anywhere in the world.

The unique M9 Titanium features include LED illumination of the frame lines of the viewfinder and a front strap for easily and securely holding this digital rangefinder while you're shooting. For those with ludicrously high end tastes and bank accounts to match, you can pick one up from a Lecia store near you in November for £19,800 to be exact - just in case that £200 discount makes it sound more doable.