So when Kodak announced its new Z1015-IS superzoom camera in July 2008, you would have thought it would be pulling out all the stops to help its new DSLR to stand out from the crowd.

However, it seems on the launch Kodak forgot to publicise one of the cameras main selling points - the fact the new camera has RAW.

The last Kodak to offer RAW was the superzoom P712 announced back in 2006.

To find out about the RAW capabilities of the Z1015-IS, you really have to look too. Details hidden far down in the spec page on the Kodak website, and not so much as a peep about it in the details released to the press.

It's an interesting omission on Kodak's part as the RAW option makes for a much more interesting superzoom digital camera, instantly setting it apart from those that don't have it.

The Kodak Z1015-IS is due out in October, with an RRP of £199.99. And it supports RAW. Just thought we'd emphasise that one more time.