Whether you want to order for a gift, or you're just being lazy, Kodak now sell their digital picture frames preloaded with up to 100 of your favourite snaps.

With just a few clicks online to choose the pictures you want to include, the picture frame will be loaded with your choices before being sent out.

"Kodak digital pictures frames are very popular and we're thrilled to build on that popularity by offering an easy way for people to share pictures with the people they love, and the best part is that we do the work for you", said Madhav Mehra, general manager of Kodak Gallery.

Also available now are preloaded picture cards, which can again be uploaded with photos and sent to someone who perhaps already has a digital frame.

There are a variety of sizes to choose from, including the 10-inch Wi-Fi-enabled frame at the top end, right down to the 7-inch, and all offer support for both vertical and horizontal photos. You can ever play music on your frame through built-in speakers.

The frames are priced between $144.95-$274.95 (about £75-£140), and although they are only currently available through the the American Kodak site, it does ship internationally. Then again, with all the shipping taken into account, you may just decide to do it yourself.