Kodak has launched new versions of its professional image retouching plug-ins range compatible with the latest software.

Version 2.1 of the ROC Pro, SHO Pro, GEM Pro and GEM Airbrush Pro plug-ins are compatible with Windows Vista, Intel-based Macs and Adobe Photoshop CS3.

The GEM plug-in reduces image noise and grain, allowing photographers to create portrait studio quality soft-focus effects, and "image sharpening that surpasses the most typical unsharp mask filters", claims Kodak.

The GEM AIRBRUSH plug-in can be used to smooth skin surfaces without blurring or reducing fine detail.

Working on 8 and 16 bit image files, the plug-in can control image details at three levels: fine, medium and coarse.

Next up is the Kodak Professional ROC plug-in, which restores, corrects, and balances colour.

The software works by analysing the colour gradients of a digital image and then finding the optimum tone curve for each colour.

And last up is the SHO plug-in, which alters contrast and exposure.

The plug-in corrects exposure problems in images with backlit subjects and uneven flash illumination, as well as partial shade.

The plug-in analyses the image and reveals the detail in the shadows without sacrificing any detail in the highlights whilst also offering automatic or custom control.

Those purchasing GEM Airbrush at full price will receive a 50% discount on any of the other plug-ins included in the same order. You just have to enter the promotion code: SAVE50.

Customers purchasing GEM Pro, ROC Pro, and SHO Pro can receive 35% off regular prices when buying any one (up to a maximum of three) of the plug-ins. The promotional code is OFFER35.

These promotional codes will be valid until 31 May.