Those days - when you put the photos in a suitcase in the loft for storage, or your PC crashes and you lose all your favourite holiday snaps ... well they're over.

Kodak has unveiled a back-up service to store all your digital photos online and even protect photographs around the home. As a way to help provide better security and peace of mind, the Kodak Picture Protection plan is available to all Kodak Gallery members.

This works by giving you back a copy of all the images you have lost. So, following your hard drive crashing, for example, members will receive an archive CD of all pictures currently in the Kodak Gallery account. This means you had to have loaded them online first.

If it happens that prints and other photo gift items such as Photo Books and Photo Calendars purchased through Kodak are destroyed, members will receive a credit of up to $500 to recreate these items.

Obviously, if you are going to do this everything you purchase and use must be Kodak associated to get the full reward. If you're happy to do that, then here is sentimental insurance.

The subscription costs $25-a-year for "Premier members".