Andy Warhol once said "Don't read your reviews, weigh them". But someone at Kodak hasn't been taking that advice, because the company's got all in a tizzy about a review of the Zi8 that read: "When Kodak needed a name for its new pocket video camera, its marketing geniuses came up with something dreadful: the Zi8".

The vast majority of gadgets have terrible names. Sony is a particular offender, releasing products with names like "BDV-E300W" or "CX505VE". Well, Kodak's had enough, and is asking its customers to name the next pocket video camera that it makes.

"What would you call a video camera that is rugged, simple and ready for action and adventure? (Hint - we like the letter "Z"!)" says the company. You can comment on the blog post at the "read" link below, or tweet a suggestion with the hashtag #nameakodak.

If they like your answer, and you live in the States, then they'll take you to Las Vegas for CEO 2010 for the unveiling of the product that you named. Even if they hate your answer, 100 random entrants will win a Zi8.

It's got to be worth a try. We're rooting for Kodak to call the thing "Doris". Or maybe "McGee". We've always wanted a gadget called McGee.