Kodak has announced the launch of three new EasyShare digital cameras, a new Z-Series model and two new M-Series offering.

The EasyShare Z950 is a 12-megapixel compact offering a 10x image stabilised Schneider-Kreuznach optical zoom lens and Kodak's "Smart Capture" feature which auto adjusts focus, flash, and exposure.

Other features include a 3-inch LCD display, fast capture of less than 0.3 of a second, video recording with the ability to edit in camera and print from video, face detection, up to 3200 ISO and SDHC card compatibility.

The EasyShare M381 is also a 12-megapixel compact, gets 5x optical zoom, the "Smart Capture" tech, a 3-inch LCD, face detection and video capture, but only up to 1600 ISO and "blur reduction" rather than image stabilisation. It will be offered in black olive, light steel blue and wine red.

Finally, the 12-megapixel M341 gets "Smart Capture", 3x optical zoom, and 2.7-inch LCD. It will be available from August in grey silver, classic Kodak red, satin black and deep orchid for £119.99.

The Z950 and the M381 will go on sale in September for £199.99 and £129.