Kodak has announced that it will retire its Kodachrome colour film this year, after producing film under the sub-brand for 74 years, with stocks due to run out in early autumn.

A sign of the times for those still using film cameras, and indicative of how digital photography has taken over the consumer camera landscape, Kodak says sales have "declined dramatically" in recent years.

In a statement the camera company said: "KODACHROME Film represents just a fraction of 1% of Kodak’s total sales of still-picture films".

"KODACHROME Film is an iconic product and a testament to Kodak's long and continuing leadership in imaging technology", said Mary Jane Hellyar, president of Kodak's film, photofinishing and entertainment group.

"It was certainly a difficult decision to retire it, given its rich history. However, the majority of today's photographers have voiced their preference to capture images with newer technology - both film and digital. Kodak remains committed to providing the highest-performing products - both film and digital - to meet those needs".

As a tribute to Kodachrome film, Kodak says it will donate the last rolls of the film to George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, which houses the world’s largest collection of cameras and related artefacts.