Kodak has moved to stop the company behind Panasonic and JVC infringing patents found in its digital cameras.

The camera company is suing Japan's Matsushita for infringing patents including ones for an "electronic camera utilizing image compression and digital storage" and "an apparatus and method for previewing motion images using a series of lower resolution still images".

Kodak filed the suit on July 25 in the Eastern District of Texas. It has requested a jury trial and damages.

This is the second time this year Kodak has moved to protect its patents from company's it feels infringe its IP. Earlier in the year Kodak came to an agreement with Sony

Earlier this year, Kodak signed a cross-licensing pact with Sony Corp that settled a similar patent dispute.

Kodak has said it signed a licensing pact with Sony that settles a dispute over digital camera and imaging technology patents, and grants each company access to the other's patents.

Kodak also announced that it has entered into a technology cross license with Sony Ericsson that will allow Sony Ericsson access to Kodak technology for Sony Ericsson’s products. Kodak will also have access to Sony Ericsson’s technology.

“These cross-license agreements give us broad access to the technology of Sony and Sony Ericsson, and validate the strength of Kodak’s intellectual property portfolio”, said Laura G. Quatela, Managing Director, Intellectual Property Transactions, and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company said at the time.

According to Reuters, Kodak has said it intends to lean on its wealth of intellectual property to help boost its bottom line.

The news agency is reporting that the camera company expects up to $250 million this year alone in royalties and related revenues.