Kodak is showcasing four new cameras, updates to previous models, as well as a new easy printer dock at PMA.

The first two cameras are the Easyshare Z712 IS and the Z885, which promise high ISO and a zoom range longer than your average compact.

The Z712 IS packs in a 12x optical zoom that reaches from 36-432mm on a 35mm equivalent, as well as a short shutter lag of only 0.26 seconds. The 7.1MP camera will be available in April for £230.

The Z885 has a 5x optical zoom lens with a 36-180mm reach and a special high ISO of up to 8000. This 8MP camera will be available for £150.

Additionally, Kodak has announced two basic models, the C613 Zoom, which has 6.2MP and a 3x zoom, and the C763 Zoom with 7MP and a 3x zoom lens. The former will be on sale for just £70, with pricing to be announced on the latter closer to the on sale date.

Kodak has added the Easyshare G610 Printer Dock to the lineup, so that you just have to set your camera on it and out pops a 6 x 4" print. It will retail for £130.

Finally, Kodak is launching a pack of batteries to fit AA-format digital cameras. They last up to four times longer than ordinary batteries, and will cost around £12 for four. In addition, two chargers will be available.