Kodak has released a new superzoom prosumer at Photokina, the Z710, which builds on the features of the Z612.

The zoom range of the lens has been reduced from 12x to 10x, but the sensor has crammed in another megapixel, so that the Z710 boasts a resolution of 7.1 megapixels. Kodak says that the imaging processing chips helps to capture natural details, accurate skin tones and breathtaking colour.

Advanced manual features include programme, aperture and shutter priority, and full manual model, while those who prefer to shoot on automatic can select from 19 scene and colour modes, including candlelight, fireworks, party and beach.

The display is a relatively small 2-inch LCD, which can also be used for showing favourite images which are saved on the camera’s internal memory as a mini photo album.

The Kodak Share button ensures that users can easily print, email, and organise pictures with just one touch of the key.

The Z710 will be available for £279 in stores this month.