Kodak are about to push the boundaries of digital photography one step further today with the announcement that it has created two sensors capable of capturing 31 and 39 million pixels.

The KODAK KAF-39000 Image Sensor, featuring 39 million pixels, and the KODAK KAF-31600 Image Sensor, with 31.6 million pixels have been designed for commercial, studio, and other professional photographers to capture digital images with the most life-like detail possible the new aren't commercially available yet.

“Our new image sensors nearly double the resolution available for professional photography - helping bring images to life in a way never before possible”, said Chris McNiffe, general manager of Kodak's Image Sensor Solutions operations. “Kodak offers the broadest image sensor portfolio with the highest resolutions for medium-format photography, providing camera and camera back manufacturers great flexibility to meet the varied demands and requirements of their users. These products are further examples of Kodak's ability to leverage our legacy of innovation to provide products that uniquely meet our customers' needs - whatever market they may serve”.

With 39 million imaging pixels in a 36mm x 48mm imaging area, the KAF-39000 sets a new standard for image resolution in professional photography, while the 31.6 million pixel KAF-31600 deploys this same high-performance pixel in a smaller, 33mm x 44mm imaging area. At the heart of these imagers is a newly designed 6.8 micron CCD pixel that enables higher sensor resolutions while still retaining the performance required by professional photographers for sensitivity, dynamic range, and colour fidelity.