Kodak has launched a new range of digital cameras it will hope will entice photographers who aren't yet ready to make the leap to digital SLR while developing the EasyShare range beyond the average consumer.

Kodak has broken down the range into two new models; the EasyShare P880 and P850. The flagship, p880 will offer 8 megapixels with a 24 - 140 mm (35mm equiv.,) f/2.8-4.1, wide-angle lens and cost £449.99. The P850 digital camera however will offer 5.1 Megapixels, 36 - 432 mm (35mm equiv.), f/2.8-3.7, image-stabilised lens and cost £100 less at £349.99.

Where Kodak hopes the cameras will offer more than you can achieve with a DSLR is in the two models video capabilities. The P880 will allow you to capture video at 30 frames per second with the ability to use full optical zoom, then trim, cut, splice and merge clips on the camera.

Additional highlights include a live histogram with highlight and shadow clipping for immediate on-camera exposure assessment; a 2.5-inch, high-resolution LCD; a 237,000 pixel electronic viewfinder, shutter speeds ranging from 16 - 1/4000 second, plus a bulb setting; one-push custom white balance; digital red-eye reduction; and a manually-raised pop-up flash.

The P850 model shares many elements of the more advanced P880, including 30 fps VGA video with single-frame still-extraction and trim/cut/splice/merge editing abilities.

Kodak has added RAW file support to both models allowing for in-camera JPEG and TIFF extraction, as well as RAW editing.