Kodak has started to make an entry into the mobile phone market. Earlier this month they announced the Printer Dock Plus, which has been adapted to allow mobile phones to print directly to it. Today, as part of its Mobile Services Kodak has announced that it will offer a premium-content sport images service that will be able to be downloaded and saved as wallpaper on to mobile phones.

Taken by high profile photographers the library includes artistic sport images, illustrating popular sport categories such as football, rugby and tennis, surfing and skateboarding pictures.

The French photo agency AFP will regularly supply the library with pictures from international competitions in a large number of sport categories, ensuring wide coverage of the European sport scene and the opportunity for people to find recent and premium images for download.

By sending to 87050 a premium rate SMS with the message KODAK OG (Web) or KODAK OG1 (WAP), customers simply receive a WAP link that lead them into the Kodak image library. Once in that library, they can select their favourite sport images and download as many images as they want on their mobile phone. This wallpaper premium service is available in the UK at a premium SMS rate of £3.

Kodak has also created a handset application designed to upload pictures from camera phones to private albums even more quickly and easily. Users of NOKIA 7610 phones are the first to be offered this latest application in imaging technology. Once uploaded, pictures can be stored on the website with free unlimited storage capacities. Members are then offered an online album, group sharing and the ability to print the images.