Kodak has announced a new version of its PIxPro SP360 camera, stepping up to 4K, over the full HD version we've previously seen

With virtual reality making a splash - Oculus Rift is coming in April for example – and compatible with Facebook and YouTube's 360 video offerings, Kodak will give you plenty of options for creating new immersive videos.

If you thought that Nikon was going to be the only camera offering back-to-back capture, then fear not, as the Kodak SP360 offers it too, thanks to the PixPro Stitch software that comes bundled in.

If you opt for the Dual Pro pack ($899), you get two cameras and a mount, meaning you can capture two 360 half spheres and combine them for a full equirectangular view, cleverly synchronised by the Stitch software using the audio tracks. 

There's a range of accessories so you get a range of mounting options, including suction mounts, bar mounts, adhesive mounts, as well as cases, covers and RF remotes.

The Kodak PixPro SP360 4K is available to buy now, priced at $499 for a single camera, or $899 for the twin pack.