(Pocket-lint) - When you're going sideways into a corner in a car worth more than double anything you've ever owned, you'd be forgiven for being nervous.

That's the situation we found ourselves in while driving the new Jaguar XF around the Circuito de Navarra in northern Spain.

While you might not feel quite so nervous watching a video, knowing you won't have to pay out for a crash, seeing it in 360-degree VR certainly captures the excitement.

We took the Kodak SP360 camera and strapped it to the car's front window using a mount. This recorded upside down, to capture the best angle, then flipped the image using the included software afterwards.

The mounting and setting up were easy enough as the camera comes with plenty of mounts included, for all sorts like cycling or white water rafting too. Then getting started can be done via the accompanying app which allows you to see a live view of what's being seen, right on screen. This was really helpful for setting up the camera before hitting record.

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The result is the ability to experience every corner, ever botched braking attempt and even every rev. Using the YouTube video that was output from the day it's possible to look around from within the video. But how?

Either watch the video in Chrome and use the direction buttons on the screen to look around or use Google Cardboard. Cardboard is cheap and turns your smartphone into a VR headset – using its accelerometer you can look around in the real world to view the virtual world as if you were there.

So get your VR interactive method of choice worked out, click on the video below and enjoy.

Writing by Luke Edwards.