What's happening around you right now? Turn around and you'll be able to quickly see, however the same might not be the case when you are bombing through the forest on your mountain bike.

On a recent trip to Bracknell Forest's MTB trail we used the Kodak ProPix SP360 to not only capture the excitement in front of us, as you can do with many of today's action cams available on the market, but all round us in 360 degree clarity.

The new action camera from Kodak features a 16 megapixel MOS sensor, full HD 1080p video recording, and comes with a number of brackets and accessories to help you mount the SP360 on a number of different surfaces. For this adventure, we opted for the waterproof handlebar mount (in case it rained), as well as, the easy to attach helmet mount to give us a number of options on the trail.

Once safely in place, we hit the 14 miles of custom built tracks made available to visitors at The Look Out, in Bracknell.

With Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, the Kodak PixPro SP360 can connect to your smartphone allowing you to manage settings like White Balance, replay footage in the field, and make sure everything is working as expected.

There are also various filming modes to allow you to get the most out of the situation, including a more traditional Full HD 1080P (You don't get the 360 viewing range though).

Once you've captured the 360 degree footage, you can either view it back on your phone via the dedicated Kodak PixPro app, or upload it to YouTube to share with others. Uploading the 360 degree footage means you can also watch back the experience on a VR headset like Google Cardboard.

Yes, you're able to relive the excitement of the track when you go home and your legs are still aching from all the riding.

Processing the footage in app is easy, although those that like a bit more control will be wise to check out Kodak's desktop software for the Mac and PC.

Check out our selection of videos to see how we faired on the trail.