(Pocket-lint) - Going to Wembley Stadium is an exciting trip on its own. But going, not to watch football but to zipline across the stadium, is even more exhilarating.

We were invited to take the plunge across one of the world's most famous football pitches. What better way to capture and share it than to film it all in 360-degree virtual reality?

We strapped on the Kodak SP360 which, as the name suggests, captures video in full 360-degree surround. Then, after putting on a host of safety harness clips and a worryingly sturdy helmet, we were escorted to the top of Wembley Stadium.

The zipwire ran from one side of the stands to the other, directly over the grass that's been home to some of the most iconic games in the world. Seeing it from this perspective is a once in a lifetime experience. Since the zipwire was a temporary thing we captured it in 360-degrees so others can experience it too, in virtual reality.

The process is relatively simple. After setting up the camera, using a connected smartphone, everything is captured. Then getting the data off is as easy as removing the microSD and attaching it to a computer with the Kodak software. You can choose how to output it with panorama, circle, split-screen and many other options. We opted for virtual reality, which has it's own dedicated auto upload to YouTube feature.

Now if you have Google Cardboard or equivalent you can watch the video on YouTube for an all immersive experience. There's nothing in the world that can share an experience quite as impressively as VR. Check out the videos to see what we mean.

Writing by Luke Edwards.