Kodak is offering you a way of printing all the collages and frames you like with out a single artistic bone in your body. The Kodak Pynch kiosk has been on trial in the US and provides an automatic way to match your needs without having to do any cropping, resizing or rearranging yourself.

This digital printer uses smart software to not only detect where the relevant parts of your shots are but also how to best snip and fit them into any given frame size you could possibly have. Better still, it also comes with an ID card so that the machine can remember the precise dimensions of your choosing without having to remeasure or bring the thing in each time.

If you want to buy special 10x8 Pynch Frame, then that's possible too as well as backing mat. The Pynch Frame comes in at $14.99, the mat at $3.99, 10x8 prints at $6.99 and 6x8s at $1.99. Look out for them at a chemist near you.