Kodak is accusing Apple and RIM of infringing on its patents, as it's reported the imaging company is looking to its patent portfolio as a revenue source.

Apple's iPhone and RIM's BlackBerrys cameras are said to infringe on Kodak's patents while Kodak also accuse Apple of infringement of patents "that describe a method by which a computer program can 'ask for help' from another application to carry out certain computer-oriented functions".

As well as filing lawsuits in the Western District of New York, Kodak has filed complaints with the US International Trade Commission to attempt to stop imports of the alledeging infringing devices.

While Kodak has patent licencing agreements in place with Nokia, Motorola, Sony and Panasonic, Reuters reports that recently it has settled patent suits against LG and Samsung, suggesting going after Apple and RIM is just turning to the next names on the list.