"M" might stand for mid-range in the Kodak EasyShare world but mediocre it probably will not. The old-school photographic firm has updated its compacts today at CES with the launch of some very reasonably priced models with a focus on sharing.

The top two models are the Kodak EasyShare M580 and M575. They both feature 14-megapixel sensors with wide-angle Scheider-Kruznach glassware to back them up and either an 8x or 5x optical zoom as well. They're good for HD video capture, which you can watch back on their 3-inch LCDs, and include HDMI ports too.

At £180 and £170 respectively, much of the scrimping is on technical features with just a smart auto mode and face recognition to talk of, but the focus is on the Share button which will tag photos for instant upload to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and, of course, the Kodak Gallery and Kodak Pulse.

The second two models lose out on the high-end lens, and go down to 2.7 inches on the LCD and drop to 12-megapixel resolution. They are the Kodak EasyShare M550 and the M530. They still have the Share button and feature 5x optical zoom and 3x optical zoom for $150 and $130 respectively when they arrive in March and February.